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As a member of a consortium with CocaCola and TeleRetail, the KT-Institute joins a 5G-NRW supported project towards innovative 5G applications in NRW. Goal of the project is increased safety for interplant transportation on factory premises. Using 5G communication, 5G localization and other sensor components, traffic participants should be localized in real time. In case of a potential accident, there will be a warning to traffic participants to finally avoid accidents.

For this project, the focus of the KT-Institute is research and implementation of wireless localization approaches but also simulation of 5G wireless localization approaches. The available public 5G network as well as 5G campus networks will be evaluated towards the project’s goals. Because of highly varying attenuation and a lot of reflections, the communication channel in an industrial environment becomes challenging for 5G localization. On top of that, the accuracy of 5G localization is highly affected by limited bandwidth in assigned frequency bands.

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Therefore, to better align 5G localization approaches to the special environment, the KT-Institute performs extensive channel measurements in the production environment. Special 5G test signals, vector signal generators and real time spectrum analyzers are used for the measurements. MATLAB is used for further evaluation of sampled signals. In parallel, using MATLAB, simulation of different 5G localization approaches in the dedicated environment takes place. A resulting matrix of deviations allows to define number and places of base stations for a 5G campus network for 5G localization and 5G communication.

For an overall localization solution, 5G localization will be supported by GNSS in case of locations outside of buildings and ultra-wide band (UWB) in case of critical locations inside of building.

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